IAN COLLEY PHOTOGRAPHY | 2016 UIM Jetsprint World Championship update

2016 UIM Jetsprint World Championship update

February 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was a little ambitious thinking I would get all the photos done by last Friday. I had so many to sort through and ended up uploading so many, probably too many, but you get that. Anyway they are done.

The special still stands, all the 2400 x 1800 photos of a boat for $100 per round, or purchase them individually for $5 per photo if you only want a few.  Prints will only be fulfilled for Australian customers. If you wish to buy all the photos of a boat please contact me by email as this is not an automated option on my web site.

All the boat photos can be found here.

There were quite a few big crashes over the two rounds but the most spectacular had to be the Harvest Transport crash during practise and early qualifying on Friday at Baypark. I have attached part of the sequence I shot from that crash.

E5295637ds1020E5295637ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5295638ds1020E5295638ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5295639ds1020E5295639ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5295640ds1020E5295640ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5295641ds1020E5295641ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5295642ds1020E5295642ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Please do not copy or reproduce these photos without my permission.


Thank you once again to all involved in putting on this fantastic event and I can't wait for the next one to come around.

Regards  Ian






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