IAN COLLEY PHOTOGRAPHY | 2016 UIM Jetsprint World Championship

2016 UIM Jetsprint World Championship

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After a nice break over Christmas it all started with a bang in late January. Karen and I were invited to shoot the 2016 UIM World Series Jetsprint Championship in New Zealand with full media accreditation. The series was held over two rounds on the last two weekends of January. The first round was held at Meremere and the second round was held at Baypark Stadium Mt Maunganui. The amazing thing about the Baypark track is that the track is dug out of the infield of a large speedway circuit (previously a rugby field). A week to build it, 2 days use and then a week to restore it back to normal, ready for the next speedway meeting or athletics meet. What a superb venue, grandstand seating allowing great viewing for about 300 degrees around the oval. To top it all off, the meeting was held during the afternoon and into the evening under lights. Both race meetings were well attended with The Baypark Stadium crowd nudging 20,000 on the main race day. Big thanks go out to Paul Gaston, the NZJSA President, and the NZJSA members and associates that helped to put this series on, from my experience and I'm sure the crowds too the whole show ran like a well oiled machine. 

The competition between the Americans, Canadians, Aussies and the Kiwis was spectacular with the New Zealand teams too good, taking wins at both events in both classes. We have to do this in Australia, hang on, we will, in two years it's our turn to host this series. Can't wait.

I have finished sorting through and culling images down to a respectable number and am in the process of uploading them to my web site. I hope to have them all up by Thursday or Friday of this week. At the moment I have "Crashes and Spins and other fun Stuff" for both rounds "Random track photos" and photos for Eagle Automotive and Harvest Transport already loaded up for viewing.

Until the end of March, I will be offering a special on the photos, the 2400 x 1800 downloads will be $5 instead of $10 and all the 2400 x 1800 photos of an entrant (boat) can be bought for $100 per round. The "Random Track photos" are free to download. 

I have attached a few lightly edited photos of some of the spectacular out of water action that goes on at Jetsprint racing. Enjoy.

I will post again when all the photos are uploaded to my web site but in the mean time here is the link to the folders of photos so far.


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E5297130 copyds1020E5297130 copyds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5300842 copyds1020E5300842 copyds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Please respect my copyright and do not reproduce or copy these photos without my permission.


Regards  Ian


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