IAN COLLEY PHOTOGRAPHY | Come and Try/Test and Tune Jan 2017

Come and Try/Test and Tune Jan 2017

January 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last Sunday saw the first event for the year at Mt Cotton Hillclimb. A Come and Try morning for newcomers to the sport and then a Test and Tune afternoon for the regulars.

I didn't arrive until after 10:30am so missed most of the Come and Try starters and it was a practise day for me too. I was trying out a new camera body, comparing it with the two bodies I usually take with me on these days. So it was a day playing with different settings on different camera bodies and lenses, meaning a few missed opportunities and not as many photos as usual. Didn't make a decision about the new body yet, I need to get one to the Jet Boat racing to see how it performs there.

Still plenty of photos though for everyone to go through. The link to the photos is here http://www.iancolleyphotography.com.au/f477058731

Here's a couple from the day.

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