IAN COLLEY PHOTOGRAPHY | 2016 Qld Hillclimb Championships run and won

2016 Qld Hillclimb Championships run and won

June 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Luckily the nasty weather on Friday and even nastier weather on Saturday cleared for a bright and sunny race day on Sunday, albeit cold and windy.

The weekend was won by Malcolm Oastler who only managed to post two times on Sunday, crashing on his third run. His times were so quick in his first two runs he was never headed the rest of the day by any other competitors.

There were a couple of other notable events, Neil Lewis having a brake rotor split and fly apart and finding out he had no brakes into the hairpin, so straight through the nuts he went. Mark Crespan in the Cobra suffered a drive shaft failure that broke fuel lines starting a big fire under his car with flames leaping into the cockpit of the car. He got out ok and marshals put the fire out quickly.

The photos are now done and uploaded to my web site here 

The usual offer of all the (2400 x 1800) photos taken of an entrant available for $50 until the end of June.

Here are a few from the event.

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Please respect my copyright and do not copy or reproduce these photos without my consent.

See you at Round 3 of the series in a couple of weeks.

Regards  Ian





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