IAN COLLEY PHOTOGRAPHY | Round 5 SRA-TSA Hillclimb series

Round 5 SRA-TSA Hillclimb series

October 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The last weekend in September saw the running of round 5 of the 2015 hillclimb series. I only attended Sunday's competition and the day was cut short due to an afternoon thunderstorm rolling in just after 2pm. As a result of that storm I only managed to shoot 3 runs on the day.

It was an interesting day from a photography aspect with recent excavation work carried out at the track allowing access to previously difficult places to shoot. There has been ongoing work all year, all of it making photography a bit easier not to mention providing a bit more run off room for drivers making the track a little safer.

The most recent changes around the 1st loop allowed some different shots from the usual and the changes also allowed more light on to the track. Much better for photography and I suspect better conditions for drivers to see without the usual heavy shade going through that section.

Here are a few photos from the new vantage point.

The rest of the photos can be found here.


E5271164blog1020E5271164blog1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

M1274705blog1020M1274705blog1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

M1275385blog1020M1275385blog1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

M1275555blog1020M1275555blog1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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See you at Round 6

Regards Ian




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