V8 Superboats Round 4 photos finished (well nearly)

August 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have, for the most part, finished sorting through, culling, and uploading downsized photos to my web site from both days of racing.

I will be adding at a later date some larger edited photos, some of my faves, to additional galleries but for the time being, done. Phew !

The morning session on Sunday started out with some quick times and was mishap free but it was after lunch when all the action happened. Everyone must have come back from lunch with Red Mist in their eyes. Quite a few boats ended up out of the water and upside down with Excalibur, Mongrel and the Kanaris Engines Racing team providing some extra excitement for spectators. The good thing, nobody hurt and surprisingly Excalibur even managed to keep running the rest of the day considering the size of the crash.

Photos from the event can be found here.

I have attached a few cropped and lightly edited photos of the action below


E5096930ds1020E5096930ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5099077ds1020E5099077ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5098486ds1020E5098486ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5098009ds1020E5098009ds1020OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Please respect my copyright and do not copy or reproduce these photos without my permission.


The next round in November can't come soon enough !


Regards  Ian







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