V8 Superboats Rounds 2 and 3

May 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

What a weekend of action and photo opportunities. The Red Bull film crew from Austria should have some great footage to take back and assess. Let's hope they liked what they saw and come back as a major sponsor next year.

Saturday saw a very tight and technical track layout that caught a lot of drivers out. I think this meeting had the most boats come out of the water I have ever seen.

Sunday's track layout was opened up a fair bit and was a flowing and fast track allowing the boats to show some real speed. There were a lot less crashes on Sunday.

Here are a few photos from the action on Saturday.

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As usual I have thousands of photos to sort through and will add a couple more from Sunday's racing up here in a couple of days.

Off to the Queensland Hillclimb Championships this weekend for some more motor sport, good stuff.


Please respect my copyright and don't copy or reproduce these photos without my permission.


Regards  Ian




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