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Mt Cotton Hillclimb Round 2 2018

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Round 2 was run in much better weather than the pouring rain of Round 1. I managed to get a few hours at the track on Sunday before other commitments dragged me away from some very quick competition.

There was a large field of cars with quite a few open wheelers out to play (they must be getting some practise in for the QHC ). It was great to see so many spectators at the track too.

Photos from Sunday have been sorted and uploaded to my web site at this link

Here are a few from the day.


E5289481Blog2400E5289481Blog2400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5288850 Blog2400E5288850 Blog2400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5289149 Blog2400E5289149 Blog2400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5290854 Blog2400E5290854 Blog2400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5280119 Blog2400E5280119 Blog2400OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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See you at the next one.

Regards  Ian


Round 1 Mt Cotton Hillclimb series 2018

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The weather Gods were not kind for the first round of the series. I didn't make the competition on Saturday when the weather appeared to be bit better than Sunday but still not great. Sunday was a difficult day for drivers to predict when to have a run with a mix of fine overcast weather for 20 minutes and then torrential rain the next 20 minutes. The rain made for some nice photos though.

For the rest of the month the usual deal for all the photos (2400 x 1800) of your car for $50 downloaded or $65 on a DVD delivered anywhere in Australia applies. Contact me via email if you want this as it's not in my web site shopping cart.

The photos from Sunday can be found here

Here are half a dozen from the day.

E5106648 ds1800E5106648 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5106760 ds1800E5106760 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5108249 ds1800E5108249 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5108352 ds1800E5108352 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5118769 ds1800E5118769 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5118789 ds1800E5118789 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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See ya at the next round.


Regards  Ian



50th Anniversary Hillclimb

February 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What a great weekend (Feb 17 and 18) enjoying the MG Car Club of Qld's 50th Anniversary of the 1st Hillclimb held at Mt Cotton. It started with a social gathering and presentation at the clubhouse on Saturday and proceeded to displays and demonstration runs on Sunday.

It was very satisfying to see the multi-shot panorama of the track I photographed a few years ago finally hanging on the wall amongst the other impressive memorabilia. Thanks Elaine Hamilton.

Sunday was a perfect day weather wise to show off some of the cars of the past at the track, including I believe, a couple of cars that ran in the first meeting 50 years ago. 

I have attached a link to photos from the event here

and added a couple below.

N2173889 ds1800N2173889 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

N2184020 ds1800N2184020 ds1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

E5185502 ds180E5185502 ds180

E5185574 ds1800E5185574 ds1800

E5185531 ds1800E5185531 ds1800

E5186206 ds1800E5186206 ds1800

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See you at Round 1


Regards  Ian




Mt Cotton Hillclimb Round 6 2017

November 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The last round of the Carric Accounting and Tighe Cams Mt Cotton Hillclimb series was held last weekend.

Perfect weather and a big turnout of competitors made for great competition over the weekend. Michael von Rappard produced the fastest run of the weekend with a low 38 second time.

Mt Cotton Hillclimb also played host to a special guest over the weekend with Daryl Beattie running a brand new Ford Focus RS around the track getting his times consistently down to low 48's on Sunday.

The photos have been sorted and uploaded to my website at this link  and the videos of the 1st run on Saturday have been uploaded to my YouTube channel at this link

Until the end of December I am offering the usual deal of all the photos of you car as 2400 x 1800 digital downloads for $50 or $65 on DVD and posted anywhere in Australia.

Here's a couple from Sunday's competition including a couple of close calls with the nuts.

E5252953 FB1800E5252953 FB1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PB264038 FB1800PB264038 FB1800 E5253684 FB1800E5253684 FB1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E5254639 FB1800E5254639 FB1800 E5253278 FB1800E5253278 FB1800OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PB264298 FB1800PB264298 FB1800

Please respect my copyright and do not copy or reproduce these photos without my permission.


Thanks to Carric Accounting and Business Service, Tighe Cams and the MG Car Club of Qld for another great year of competition. 

See you next year.


Regards  Ian




Last round of Jetboats for 2017

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The 28th and 29th of this month sees another years AFJSA Jetsprint racing come to an end. The final round will be held at the Northern NSW Cabarita track. I'm hoping the weather will be great and we get a bumper crowd to finish off the 2017 season.

I have the 20" x 24" framed print ready to put the photos in, here's a photo of the basic layout.

Crashes 1 frame 2017ds1800Crashes 1 frame 2017ds1800

Looking forward to some great racing and plenty of good photos.